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Piacenza – Photovoltaic generator 7 mWh

A system made by 66.000 solar panels, able to produce 7 millions and 405.000 kWh of clean energy per year.

Those are the numbers of the main photovoltaic power station built on the roof of Ikea in Le Mose, Piacenza, the brand new project of the Swedish furniture company.

Solar panels, for the cost 14 million euros, satisfy almost completely the need of energy of the factory and of the two storehouses, avoiding the emission of 4.000 tons of CO2 per year.

News of the realization of the system come at the read more

Scalo Milano City Style

Scalo Milano is a shopping and experience district, containing fashion, food, design and… a touch of art. A place is created for a dynamic and contemporary style of purchasing, that loves to be contaminated and moves fast between occasions and new proposals.

Established on the former Saiwa space, the new city of shopping made by Promos and Lonati stands out for the number of brands. At operating speed it will employ 1.500 people.

The architects who made it wanted to reproduce in a modern way the typical industrial district of Milan, with buildings with high ceilings, and glass and iron facades.

An inspiration that recalls the history of the site of Scalo read more

Piano Nazionale Impresa 4.0

Cari imprenditori e professionisti, il bilancio

a un anno dalla introduzione del Piano Impresa 4.0, condivido con voi il bilancio e, come fatto lo scorso anno, vi invio i contenuti delle misure per il 2018.

Di seguito riporto alcuni dati dell’analisi di monitoraggio che trovate anche sul sito del Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico: nel 2017 le imprese che hanno investito in ricerca e sviluppo sono più che raddoppiate (+104%, rispetto al 2016); read more