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We design and implement renewable energy systems on a small, medium and large scale. We guide our customers in choosing the best system solutions that perfectly fit their specific needs.

With the installation of photovoltaic generators for a power of approximately 15 MWp we contributed saved CO2 equivalent to having planted more than 180000 trees*

* The United Nations Convention (UNFCCC) estimates that a tree absorbs an average of 10 kg CO2 per year and has an average cycle of 20 years


we design, realize and maintain all the parts of the plants.

we deal with energy in any form and with its responsible use:

civil and industrial electric systems, mechanic systems, lighting systems, special systems and renewable energies.

In the commercial field, thanks to solid partnerships, we can offer civil turnkey solutions.




We realize electrical systems, both civil and industrial, and special systems for private and public clients, in particular: electric systems for hotels, tertiary and commercial sites, fire alarm systems, closed-circuit TV systems, acoustic alarm systems and data networks.


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An harmonious design of a system, whether civil or industrial, express itself in two fundamental aspects: simplicity and functionality.
In order to obtain great and complete results, a profound collaboration between designers and clients is necessary.


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Our division for lighting design is not only aimed to a mere analysis of illuminating values; we examine, with passion and dedication, all possibilities in order to find better solutions to create new lighting sceneries and new ways to enjoy the places.


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We design  and install : medium voltage standard boards, pre-assembled MV boards, modular units type, pre-assembled LV boards, motor control center, Control and supervision synoptic boards, industrial automation and process boards.


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A domotic system is not a futuristic choice, but it is a concrete option for modern buildings. Unlike traditional electrical systems, domotic is a new way to conceive the house and the living spaces where the wellness of all people is at the center.


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We offer Industrial and domestic systems development and maintenance support service, AV-MV-LV network management, 24 hours repair service, technical assistance and restoration of operating conditions in short time.


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We design and implement high efficiency renewable energy systems on a small, medium and large scale for the energy saving and the environment conservation. We realize stand   alone   and   grid-connected   photovoltaic systems, cogeneration and trigeneration systems, wind power systems and hydroelectric  systems.


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We design  and install  integrated air conditioning system,  heating and cooling plant room, drainage and water treatment systems,  fire protection system, four-pipe hydronic systems, with radiant ceiling and condensing and modulating boilers.


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Building Management System for monitoring the main electrical and mechanical energy consumption of buildings, based on computer control using the main C-Bus protocols, profibus etc.


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REVIT BIM: Uncompromising 3D design that allows architectural design, MEP engineering, structural design and construction, as well as coordination between the same disciplines. Revit is a unique software application that supports a BIM (English) workflow from conceptual to building.


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in compliance with UNI EN ISO regulations

our company is certified ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 9001:2015

the company is also certified for the SOA certificate of qualification to the execution of public works