We design, build and conduct your systems over time.

We take care of everything that relates to energy and its most conscious use:
civil and industrial electrical systems, mechanical, lighting, special and renewable energy systems.

We operate in the retail, tertiary, industrial and commercial sectors, and offer turnkey projects in collaboration with established partners.


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Civil, industrial and special electrical systems for individuals and public institutions, in particular: Electrical systems for hotel, tertiary and commercial complexes. Automatic smoke and fire detection systems, anti-intrusion, CCTV, sound system and data transmission systems.


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We offer support services for the development and maintenance of installations for civil and industrial activities, operation and operation of HV Mt bt networks, 24-hour emergency service every day, technical assistance in plant management and restoration of normal operating conditions in reduced times.


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We design and build air conditioning, cooling, heating, water treatment, water-sanitary and fire prevention systems. Hydronic systems with ceilings, floors and radiant walls. Modulating boilers with condensing technology and thermostatic heads.


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Construction and assembly of industrial plants, displacement of production lines and processing. Areas of intervention: cement works, steel industry, auto motive, energy, aerospace, food.


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The design line of the light that we follow is not limited only to a technical analytical calculation of the lighting values of the various spaces, be they private or commercial, but deepens with passion and dedication the most suitable solutions to create new lighting scenarios and new ways to live the environments.


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We develop civil and industrial plant projects in order to achieve an efficient and complete result through a close collaboration between designers and users; we tend to achieve a compact economic and functional unity.


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We produce medium voltage standardized boards, prefabricated Mt boards with modular elements, prefabricated bt boards with modular elements, motor control center, synoptic control, management and supervision panels, industrial and process automation panels.


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“Domotics” is a new way of conceiving the home and the environments, focusing on the well-being of all people in everyday domestic life.


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We design and produce highly efficient energy production plants both in terms of energy saving and environmental protection, stand-alone photovoltaic systems or greed connected, cogeneration and trigeneration plants, wind and hydroelectric plants.


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Building Management System for monitoring the main electrical and mechanical energy consumption of buildings, based on computerized control using the main protocols C-Bus, profibus etc.


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REVIT BIM: 3D design without compromise that allows architectural design, MEP engineering, structural design and construction, as well as coordination between the same disciplines. Revit is a single software application that supports a BIM workflow (English) from the conceptual phase to the construction.

Latest production: Torre Hadid – Milano | Torre Libeskind – Milano | Clinica Zucchi – Via Appiani Monza | Energy Park – Vimercate | C.Cle Shopville Gran Reno – Casalecchio di Reno (BO)


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We design and build renewable energy plants on small, medium and large scale. We advise our customers guiding them towards the solutions that best fit their needs.



Strict controls certify our professionalism

in compliance with the UNI EN ISO standards, our company is certified ISO 14001: 2015, OHSAS 18001: 2007, ISO 9001: 2015

the SOA certification qualifies us for the execution of public works