Scalo Milano City Style

Scalo Milano is a shopping and experience district, containing fashion, food, design and… a touch of art. A place is created for a dynamic and contemporary style of purchasing, that loves to be contaminated and moves fast between occasions and new proposals.

Established on the former Saiwa space, the new city of shopping made by Promos and Lonati stands out for the number of brands. At operating speed it will employ 1.500 people.

The architects who made it wanted to reproduce in a modern way the typical industrial district of Milan, with buildings with high ceilings, and glass and iron facades.

An inspiration that recalls the history of the site of Scalo Milano, the new city of shopping built by Promos and Lonati Group. This piece of land, surrounded by the fields of Parco Agricolo Sud Milano, until 2004 was the site of one of the most prominent factories in Italy, Saiwa, a company producing biscuits, chips and crackers. Now, at the end of an urban redevelopment promoted by the Region, Parco Sud and the province, and opposed by ecologists and local businesses, the new shopping centre has opened.

Year 2016 F.lli Zaffaroni electric and special implants.