The Brian&Barry Building Sanbabila

It took eleven months of work to create “The Brian & Barry Building Sanbabila”, a department store that opens to the public with twelve floors located in a corner of the historic square in the heart of Milan where by the end of the Sixties there were phenomena of custom and culture juveniles, from the fioruccini to the sanbabilini to the paninari.

The megastore has an area of ​​six thousand square meters, employs over two hundred people, operates in six major product categories (from food and beverage to clothing, from home decor to jewelry and watches, to cosmetics) and offers a contemporary search in luxury sustainable set up in the bright spaces of a fifties building designed by architect Giovanni Muzio between via Durini and via Borgogna. The façade has been preserved in its original design while the interiors have been redesigned to allow easy mobility between the various floors favored by transparent elevators that lead up to a spectacular terrace.

Year 2014 F.lli Zaffaroni electrical and special systems