The New Hospital G. Salvini in Garbagnate Milanese

The new building is inserted in an area of around 130.000 sqm, next to the old hospital, inside the district of the Regional Park of the Groane. The new hospital is made by a diagnostic centre, with ER, a blood testing area, a dialysis ward, an operating block with seven rooms, a childbirth block with five rooms and an operating room, endoscopy service, image diagnostic, and a chemical analytical laboratory. Recovery areas develops in three floors: on ground level daily recovery and physical therapy; on the first floor surgery area and maternity ward; in the second the medical ward. The presence of big glass windows gives an impression of vaste levity.

The planimetry of the building follows a central distribution axis oriented on the east-west axis of the building, where on one side is inserted the “comb” generated by the three buildings hosting the wards, while on the other the plate is developed.

In the central connecting spine, apart from the hallways, vertical connections find space. There are passages different for visitors, patients, internals, staff and materials, but also glass courtyards in order to light up the space.

The work: started on the 5th of August 2011.
Total beds: 539 included technicals beds.
Parking space: 990 for staff and general public.
Total cost: 159.420.000 euros.
Average number of daily workers: 350
Opening of the structure to the public: March 2015.

In the new hospital the activities of the existing hospital are enriched by new specialized rehabilitation activities. The building is structured on three levels above the ground and three underground. One of them is dedicated to services such as the canteen, labs, stock rooms and diagnostic wards – psychiatric ward, endoscopy, ER, radiology, pharmacy, pathological anatomy.
On the upper levels there are clinics, childbirth rooms, operating rooms with intensive care. At the entrance a comfortable reception welcomes the public. The development plan of the hospital is mainly horizontal according to the last regulations in the sanitary field.
A main key of the design is to integrate the structure in the existing park of Groane. The new hospital was conceived as a structure in the urban park.

The area of the structure is around 130.000 sqm

Year 2014 F.lli Zaffaroni electric and special implants